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"Prophetic Prayer!"

Posted by dcmanofGod on November 2, 2011 at 11:10 AM

"Prohetic Prayer"

.by Dickie Crawford on Wednesday, November 2, 2011 at 9:42am.Father I bless you this morning I give you the due honor and praise to you and lift you up Father that you will get all the Glory! Lord we trust you in all things and we know that you have our best intrest at heart. Lord help your people this morning not to be double minded and just Hear and move in you and obey you in all your ways. Father we know that you want put more on us that we and bare and... we know its all working for our Good help mus trust in you alone. I thank you for the shift in the spirit that you changing things seen and unseen.That the things that were once chashing us we will be chashing them. Father because we have decrease and allow you to increase in us that all of hell will begin to back up and Bow down to you in us.That all of hell will be defeated by your Glory that will be on our lives. father I thank you right now that Heaven has come to earth, it's not going to come but it's here! I thank you that every Yoke and every Fetter that has held your people Back for so long will be broken right now by your Anointing that breaks every yoke! Who the Son has set Free will be Free indeed! Prod them push then in to your plans you have them let them never back up agin but push forward in to their Destiny! Break Generational cruses on them set them completely free from the top of their heads to the soles of the feet.Free,Free,Free in Jesus mighty name! It's time for the Son's of God to Grow up and move forward they have been stuck in the ditch for too long its time for us to arise with healing in our wings and let all of God 's enemys be scatter & defeated so let the Army Of God Arise and press forward like never before apon receiving my breath it will Feed the Fire and increase my Glory on the Earth. It's a all consuming Fire that will overtake all, nothing shall stand in the way of my Holy Fire it will consume all that are agaisnt me and purifiy all that is with me and shall increase my rightousness to them. Many will fall and be exsposed because of their hearts and you will see it because I will make a open show of them. You will know who is for me and who is agaisnt me because of my Glory that will rest on them. I will hand stamp them with my Glory because of the price they have paided for it they have counted the cost and have paid the price and have been found Faithfull to Me. So keep your eyrs and heart on me alone and do not judge things but decern them and release them to me the Holy Judge, just Hear, Move and Obey me in all things and you shall surely walk on the waters in theses last days and you shall do Great Exploits in my name and bring in the Great Harvest for me sayeth the Lord of Hoist!


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