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"Peter The Rock!"

Posted by dcmanofGod on October 31, 2011 at 9:25 PM

"Peter The Rock!"

.by Dickie Crawford on Monday, October 31, 2011 at 10:03am.My thoughts this morning are on Peter the fisherman and how he was such a simple man with good intent. He had walked with Jesus for three years and saw all that he said and done,but when Jesus tryed to give him insight about his future he didn't receive it and swell up with pride. Not me I'll Never deny you. Peter never thought that he could deny the Christ because after all he was the one and only one that had heard from the Father and got the revelation about Jesus being the Christ the Son of the living God. I think we really have to be carefull about telling God Never because he knows all the way to the End of a thing. So it's in our on best interest to stop before we speak, because if your going to let Never come out of your mouth we should know that God is trying to tell us something. So we come to the garden and they come to take Jesus, the frist thing Peter does is pull out a sword and cut a guys ear off. Wow you mean Peter has been walking with Jesus for three years and is still toting a knife he should have been deliver of that along time ago you would think I mean he had heard all the Love speeches from Jesus trun the other cheek and all that. But here the thing when you don't Hear & Receive and move foward into the Word of God you will fall back on what YOU know and are conformable with or what has worked for you in your past. "Deliverance takes time," he was save he was devoted to Jesus his heart was to serve Christ. But here the thing when Fear and Doubt came on him because he hadn't dealth with his issue of Pride Flesh move into operation and over rode his Faith or his Trust. But here is the Good news is that thur all that failure and disapointment Jesus when he got up from the tomb Peter was the first one on Jesus mind he said go and tell the others and Peter that I have risen! Jesus didn't stop there he went and found Peter fishing trying to go back to his Past and cooked him a meal and met with him in person to restore him. Although we might try and do the same things sometime go back to our past, Jesus know our Heart and there is nothing there for us anymore no matter how we have fail him or disapointed him he still Loves us and is hear to restore us because only He knows the Plans he has for us. On the day of Pentecost Peter was the only one that step up to say something and he preach with Fire & passion for Christ and brought great increase into God's Kingdom. I want you to know that it's not over for you, like Peter you might have miss the mark at time he still has a plan for your life, if you will just HEAR MOVE and OBEY his words he's a very present help in times of Trouble. I feel God pushing us to Greatness, its time to do exsploits for God and bring increase into his Kingdom. Peace & Blessing.


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